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Hi Preston! Thank yo

Bienvenidos Foro Prueba Hi Preston! Thank yo

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    Hi Preston! Thank you so much for answering these queonists! All of your answers are very helpful. My question is I am a fairly young (23) wedding planner who just started my business in March (I have interned with a wedding planner since August 2009). The first wedding that I planned on my own took place earlier this month. I feel that potential clients think I am too young to handle their wedding. Although I am young and know that I still have a LOT of experience to gain, I have a solid educational background (I graduated from Columbia) and have a supportive team of vendors around me who encourage me and mentor me. I feel like clients don’t book me because of what they see at the outset I am young. How do I convey my maturity and professionalism to potential clients? I KNOW I can do this how do I gain their confidence? Thanks!

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